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You should balance your tires every 3,000-6,000 miles (5,000-10,000km), or 1-2 years if you use your vehicle regularly. You should also consider balancing your tires and wheels if/when you: Buy new tires, rims, or wheels; Rotate the tires; Repair the tires; Notice vibration at higher speeds; Notice uneven treadwear; Hit a big pothole.

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3. Serpentine Belt Slipping. There can be multiple reasons for your car to smell like burning rubber in situations related to driving belts. It may be that your air conditioner compressor or power steering pulley may be locked or jammed, causing the belt to slip, creating heat and, as a result, a burning smell of rubber. .

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For instance, if your car came with "V" rated tires, meaning they're designed to handle speeds up to 149 miles per hour, you might safely replace them with "H" rated tires designed to go only 130.

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. New tires can also be a factor. Some tires straight from the factory could be defective; I run into this a lot with new tires so don't overlook the obvious. Question: My Infiniti QX70 (27000 miles, 2017 model) has new tires, Voyager Ground Speed. At speed over 60 mph, I can feel the fine vibration of the steering wheel, which makes my hands tingle.

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A leak can allow air to enter the system and put stress on the power steering pump and other moving parts. If you experience tight steering, difficult turns, or a growling/whining sound when you turn the wheel while moving or stationary, low power steering fluid may be to blame. There are a few places you can check first to locate a leak.

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Your new tires may feel different If you've just replaced your tires, it's probably because the old tires had very little tread left. Tires with very little tread tend to respond a bit quicker, because there's less tread that needs to flex during cornering and quick turns.

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The vehicle may lean heavily to one side, bounce up and down multiple times before settling, or you can feel the jolt of driving over potholes, curbs, and bumps. If your suspension is giving you trouble, there are only a few major parts which should give you concern. If your vehicle uses leaf spring, one or more may be cracked, bent, or damaged.

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Materials Needed. Step 1: Visually inspect the tires. Before you do anything else, walk around the car and take a good look at the tires. There might be an obvious bulge or defect in one of the tires and it could be waiting to burst. Get down on your hands and knees and look at the inside of the tires as well. So far we've covered many ways in which tires can cause vibrations during driving, but they're not the only potential cause. Other causes of driving vibrations include: Worn or broken suspension components Loose lug nuts (wheels) Damaged brake rotors (If vibration is most noticeable when braking, then brake components are likely to blame).

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3. Serpentine Belt Slipping. There can be multiple reasons for your car to smell like burning rubber in situations related to driving belts. It may be that your air conditioner compressor or power steering pulley may be locked or jammed, causing the belt to slip, creating heat and, as a result, a burning smell of rubber.

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The steering may feel loose and may require constant correction in order to keep the vehicle in a straight line. There may also be a knocking noise when hitting bumps due to looseness in a steering component. Sometimes a shimmy in the steering wheel is noticeable when driving at high speeds. Additionally, your vehicle may wander from side-to. A tire that has been on a vehicle for a year more, more start to wear more on one side of the tire. This is not the sign of a manufacturing defect. More likely, the cause is a slightly mis-mounted tire. It is possible that the wheel itself has a heavy spot, which is offset by a heavy spot in the tire which is positioned at 180 degrees.

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Tires bouncing excessively. After hitting a bump, you can feel a tire (or tires) reacting or “bouncing” for a time. You may also hear a clunking noise. Unusual tire wear. Because the tire isn’t being held firmly to the road, the tread wears in a wavy manner instead of evenly. Leaking fluid on the exterior of shocks or struts.

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Compromised Safety. There are a variety of issues that can occur if you drive on overinflated tires. Most seriously, overinflated tires are at greater risk for a blowout. A tire blowout can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and negatively affect braking distance, endangering yourself and others on the road.

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